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Climbing Clean in Elk Dud    

New eBook by Michelle Hurni
Climbing Clean in Elk Dud - a new eBook by Michelle Hurni

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Hollie Hund is a world class climber and photographer, but when her husband dies in a climbing accident, she is charged in his death. The painful injuries she suffered on the climb compete with the sting of confronting the details of the accident.

Hollie’s sister-in-law, Katz, helps her through the healing, but the quirky Swiss surgeon who has saved tourists from being trampled by elk can’t keep a secret, not matter what the Hippocratic Oath says. Their friend Mo has a perfect life. Except her kids won’t speak to her, and she lives in a cabin the size of Erika’s closet. Erika’s fashion sense is wasted in Elk Dud, where high fashion is hunter orange and camo. She’s entertaining herself with an affair with her boss, but when he shoots her husband, Grizz, who will she turn to?

Veering between intense and comical, this quirky novel weaves the lives and secrets of four women in the small town of Elk Dud, CO together. And sometimes, best friends are the last to know the truth.

hardCORE Training by Michelle Hurni

Michelle Hurni, hardCORE Personal Fitness Trainer
"Commit To Be Fit..."

Michelle Hurni is a certified AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer and has been an instructor in the fitness industry since 1997.

In addition to personal training sessions, she teaches classes ranging from toning and Pilates to Zumba®, Step, Spinning® and rock climbing.

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Core Climbing, Pilates for Climbers
Climbing and Pilates go hand in hand.  Using Pilates is an efficient way to strengthen the core to climb.  The exercises in Core Climbing will guide climbers and non-climbers to strengthen their abs, obliques, gluts and back. 

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Core Climbing, A Book by Michelle Hurni

MP3 downloads are the perfect companion to Core Climbing and will talk you through different Pilates workouts.

Words and Pictures
Travel, writing and photography have always been synonymous for Michelle. Travels to the Seychelles, Croatia, Europe, Dubai, Thailand, Mexico, and around the United States have been the basis for many articles. She has published articles on random subjects, including tea, Ford Mustangs, fitness, politics and sailing. Her sports articles cover a span from skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, wakeboarding and BMX to climbing. Her non-fiction books are Core Climbing (2009) and Coaching Climbing (2003).

Michelle Hurni - Core Climbing

Michelle Hurni has been climbing for over 25 years, coaching for 20, and teaching Pilates for 15.  Her climbing has taken her to World Cup competitions in Europe, and climbing in exotic destinations around the world.  Through her climbing, she has coached adults around the country and kids to Junior World Cup level competition climbing. 

Michelle teaches Pilates mat and ball classes, Spinning®, and Zumba in Estes Park.  Her expertise in these areas has carried over to her other passion, writing.  Her first book, Coaching Climbing was published in 2003 and Core Climbing was released in 2008.  Her articles have appeared in:  ESPN The Magazine, Sailing, and The Downtowner.

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Michelle Hurni
Michelle Hurni has authored two non-fiction climbing books:  Core Climbing (2008) and Coaching Climbing (2003).  Core Climbing uses Pilates techniques to train for climbing.  Coaching Climbing is aimed at coaching youth – individuals and teams